Alpine hut panorama at 2.000 m above sea-level

Our authentic Alpine Hut can be found in Riesenferner-Ahrn Nature Park.

Our authentic Alpine Hut can be found in the Riesenferner-Ahrn Nature Park. The dreamlike Alpine hut, situated in a small, sunny spot, lies at 2.000 metres above sea-level and was newly constructed in the year 2012. The hut fits in well amid the unspoilt landscape. The large part of it was built with stones from the immediate surroundings and the framework from wood of the Scots pine trees in our forest. In that way the larch shingles, typical of the Southern Tyrol are not lacking. Sebastian, over the course of many laborious hours, brought cut wood shingles from the farm, despite ever adverse weather conditions. The fragrant pine wood can also be found as part of the interior furnishings and lends the Alpine hut a special flair.

In winter, when it is somewhat quieter on our farm, we will gladly accompany you to our Alpine hut on the Pojen Alm. On arrival at the hut, a glass of hot herbal tea or mulled wine awaits us, as well as a hearty afternoon tea with typically southern Tyrolean products such as smoked bacon, cheese, spices and farm-produced jacket potatoes. Obviously, Southern Tyrol fruit schnapps cannot be overlooked.

Enjoy some carefree hours under a blue sky and radiant sunshine, in a romantic, snow-covered mountain world. On a wind-sheltered bench in front of the Alpine hut, you will be able to absorb yet more sun and listen to the stillness of nature. We guarantee an unforgettable adventure amidst nature that you won’t forget in a hurry!

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