Autumnal Gold

Enjoy the golden season at the Rieplechn Farm

Autumn is renowned for its wonderful play of colours among the foliage. The time for glorious autumn hikes has arrived and is endless. Whether as a couple or with the whole family, autumn offers something for everyone.

The trees start to lose leaves and needles and the morning is somewhat fresher. It is precisely in autumn that, with beautiful weather, one has a clear view of the surrounding mountains. The big summer uproar has passed and one can enjoy the tranquillity that has returned. Handcraft enthusiasts will find ample material: moss and lichen, rose hips, carline thistles, dried herbs and colourful autumn leaves. Even boletus and chanterelle can still be found here and there.

The cattle have been brought back to the valleys from the mountain pastures. The cows are nearby too, bedecked with collars of evergreens, embroidered, ringing bell straps and clinking cow bells. The Alpine herdsmen have looked after the animals well throughout the whole summer and are now sharing out the “pasta from the pot” to the onlooker.

The new potatoes have to be gathered, packed in crates and taken to the cellar. Also, everything in the vegetable garden has to be wrapped up. The cabbage must be chopped up and, from that, comes healthy sauerkraut.

While the children occupy themselves with nature, the parents will be spoiled by the warm autumn sun while relaxing on the lawn.

The days will get shorter, the nights longer and the twinkling starry sky is very clear to see.

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