An exciting time with our farm animals

The Rieplechn Farm is a breeding concern.

In our stable are 10-13 cows and young calves. The animals have to be cared for and fed. Some cows come in summer, to our Alpine meadow on the Pojen Alm at a height of 2.000 m, for invigoration and relaxation. There, they carry out protection of the countryside. After two months in the open countryside, where they have been able to feed from much healthy mountain foliage, they return happily to the farm at the end of August.

The chicksrabbits, cats and goats are the children’s favourite animals and they look forward to every sign of attention and manner of caressing. These animals have to be fed with grass and, perhaps, one or another of our young guests will be lucky enough to be at the farm when young kittens or hares are born. Of course, a suitable name must be decided upon for the young animals and, as each day passes, it can be seen how much bigger and more independent they become.

It will never be boring at the Rieplechn Farm. Children will experience up close how life on a farm unfolds every day. 

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